divendres, 19 de juny de 2020


ALUMNEWritingOralReading 20Listening 20UL 20total
717210.51210.43478261101355.93No apte
793010.51212.173913048.7513.556.92No apte
777013129.5652173918.751053.32No apte
6309111013.913043481011.556.41No apte
934101115.652173918.7510.555.90No apte
68045.5116.95652173913.755.542.71No apta
531610.5116.086956522159.552.09No apta
7903131113.9130434812.5959.41No apte

divendres, 29 de maig de 2020

Classe quart de 9h 15' a 11h 45' (dimarts i dijous)


6672  Apte
5950 Apte
7931 Apte
7904 Apte
7174 No apte
0717 Apte
7285 Apte
6173 No apte
6704 No apte
7901 Apte
6309 No apte
5663 No apte
7217 Apte
7902 No apte
3611 Apte
2745 Apte
7015 No apte
7903 No apte
7905 No apte
6804 No apte
classe de quart de 6h30' a 9h (dimarts i dijous)


7767  Apte
7288  Apte
7770  No apte
8162  No apte
7928  Apte
0964  Apte
5316  No apte
7926 Apte
7929 Apte
6161 Apte
7922 No apte
7923 No apte
7930 No apte
7924 No apte
7172 No apte
7182 Apte
6708 Apte
7183 No apte
3416 Apte
7180 Apte
0108 Apte
7927 Apte
0934 No apte
7254 Apte
7925 No apte

dimecres, 27 de maig de 2020

Your music

Do you have a favourite...?

  • kind of music
  • song
  • piece of classical music (symphony, sonata, etc9
  • band
  • solo artist
  • composer
  • conductor

Do you play a musical instrument?


  • What instrument, or instruments, do you play?
  • How long have you been playing it?
  • Have you had or are you having lessons?
  • Can you read music?
  • Have you ever played in a band/orcherstra?


  • Have you ever tried to learn to play an instrument? Why did you stop learning?
  • Is there an instrument you would like to learn to play?
Have you ever ...?

  • sung in a choir?
  • performed in front a lot of people?
  • taken part in a musical talent contest?


  • Have you been to a good concert?
  • Which artist or band would you most like to see in concert?
  • What's the best live concert you've ever been to?

dimarts, 26 de maig de 2020


How much recycling do people  in your country do?

How much recycling do you do personally?

What do you think the government, or individuals, could do to make people recycle more?

What do you think that companies and shops could do to reduce the amount of waste?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the environment?

dimecres, 20 de maig de 2020


Have you ever done any dangerous sports or activities? Did you enjoy them? Would you do them again?

Would you do a parachute jump or a bungee jump for charity?

Have you ever done something dramatically different to your appearance, for example had a very different hairstyle or hair colour, a tattoo, or a piercing? How did you feel immediately afterwards? Did you regret it later?

Do you have any habits that you know are not good for your health? Have you ever tried to give up the habits? 

Have you ever travelled somewhere without having booked  somewhere to stay in advance?

Do you normally take out insurance when you travel?

If you are travelling somewhere, do you normally get to the station or airport with plenty of time or at the last minute?

Would you go on holiday abroad on your own?

Do you think you would go out with someone from another country? 

Do you think you would go out with someone who was much older (or younger) than you?

Talk to a partner and say if you think the following predictions will happen. Explain why (not).


Most people in office jobs will be working from home.

All private swimming pools and golf courses will have been banned.

Most people will be using public transport or bikes to get to work.

People will be having more holidays in their own country and fewer abroad.

People will be retiring at 70 or even later.

The teaching of handwriting will have disappeared from the school curriculum because students will only be writing on tablets and laptops.